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  • Vitalyte: The Choice of Cyclist Worldwide

    You love to cycle and find yourself spending more hours on two wheels than on four. At Vitalyte we are big fans of cycling too! Whether you prefer to go...

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  • Reduce Irritability With Vitalyte

    Let’s face it we all become irritable and have those days where our alter ego roars and is suddenly a combination of an angry grizzly bear and a CPA during...

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  • Recognize The Signs Of Running Burnout

    The thought of going for your usual five-mile run just doesn’t generate the same excitement it used to for you. Your Monday run group friends keep texting asking why they...

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  • 8 Common Causes Of Dehydration

    We all know that when it is hot outside, our chances of becoming dehydrated significantly increase. However, there are many other causes of dehydration other than just warm climate temperatures....

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  • Vitalyte For First Responders

    Vitalyte’s use in the first responder community has been well-documented over the years. The first report of our electrolyte replacement drink being used in an emergency situation was in 1976...

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  • 5 Tips for Better Marathon Training

    Fall means a few things including back to school, fantasy football picks and our favorite, marathon season! I know you are thinking we must be crazy if running 26.2 miles...

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