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Forty years ago, our founder, Bill Gookin, had a vision.

He was a great runner. In fact, he went to the US Olympic Trials in the marathon. We’d like to say that he went on to win that race—but he didn’t. The effects of dehydration made him extremely sick.

With his scientist background, he strived to create a sports drink made with essential electrolytes and glucose for rapid absorption.

He wanted to provide active people worldwide with a healthy alternative to the high-sugar high-sodium sports drinks that were on the market. He knew his concept might not be openly accepted because it was different.

However, through extensive research and testing, he created what would be the world’s first authentic isotonic sports beverage.

Our Formula

Vitalyte's isotonic formula is glucose-based and low in sugar and sodium. Fast forward four decades, the formula stays the same: simple ingredients, no artificial anything, low-sodium, low-sugar, isotonic, fast-absorbing and effective.


Vitalyte's mission is to provide high quality products to help people achieve their goals through an active and healthier lifestyle.

The company has since expanded from the rickety wooden garage door at the family home in Mira Mesa, CA for a robust metal door that opens to a large warehouse at our corporate location in Escondido, CA.

Some say we are "all grown up," but we believe we constantly learning, evolving, and improving - just like you!

So whether you are a first-time customer or a long time supporter, we're happy you're here!

We love to hear your Vitalyte stories - feel free to contact us and share your experience. Stay happy, stay healthy and most importantly...


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