Reduce Irritability With Vitalyte

Reduce Irritability With Vitalyte
Reduce Irritability With Vitalyte

Let’s face it we all become irritable and have those days where our alter ego roars and is suddenly a combination of an angry grizzly bear and a CPA during tax season.

Yes, you’re cranky and feeling over-worked all at the same time. However, if “those” days start to become the norm rather than the occasional, it’s time to look for some causes. One common but highly over-looked cause of irritability and fatigue is dehydration.

I know what you are thinking, “But how can I be dehydrated? I have my 40-ounce stainless steel water canister on my desk, and my fitness tracker reminds me when it is time to drink.” Despite following all the standard rules, did you know it is still possible to be dehydrated even when you think you are consuming enough water?

So let’s take a look at some of the over-looked symptoms and causes of dehydration. From there, we will go over how the correct electrolyte replacement drink might be a simple way to keep irritability and fatigue at bay during times of stress.

The first symptom of dehydration is decreased mental acuity and increased irritability. The brain is the most sensitive organ in the body, and even small fluctuations in your body’s chemistry can negatively impact it. Mental alertness starts to become affected when your body weight drops by one percent due to dehydration.

The thirst reflex doesn’t kick in until you are down by three percent of your body weight. Ever wondered why after studying for hours your eyes start to blur and the computer screen suddenly looks fuzzy. Chances are the mental output you have just spent over the last few hours has created a demand for electrolytes you haven’t replaced. You can see how it is imperative that you stay properly hydrated if you want to have sharp mental acuity and quick reflexes. Emergency responders, pilots, and surgeons, to name a few are examples of professionals who must be in tip-top mental shape. They can not afford to be dehydrated. Other over-looked symptoms of dehydration include slower reflexes, inability to recall facts, heavy limbs, and general lethargy.

So, staying hydrated means drinking more water? Not necessarily. While a regular water intake is essential (6-8 glasses a day), it is necessary to add an electrolyte formula to your hydration regimen. Plain water can stay in your stomach for some time.

Water is more diluted than blood, so once it enters your circulatory system, it passes through the kidneys and the excess water is excreted. Vitalyte electrolyte replacement drink has the same concentration as your blood, so it tends to stay in your system longer to help promote hydration.

Also, it is important to be aware of the habits that promote dehydration. Some of the common ones include alcohol, caffeine, smoking, exercise, and habitually not drinking enough water. Overlooked contributors of dehydration include antihistamines, decongestants, painkillers, being exposed to air conditioning for long periods, mental stress, high altitude, and air travel.

If any of these mentioned are a regular part of your life, be sure to address the dehydration that could accompany these factors. Vitalyte is a great way to help add electrolytes to your hydration routine and hopefully help “those” days become very few and far between!


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