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  • Yoga and Running — Best Friends Forever

    Hello fellow Vitalyte fans! Let's talk about one of my favorite things — yoga and more specifically, yoga for runners — because it's something that all of you athletes out...

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  • Stay Limber My Friends

    Stretch stretch stretch! If there's one thing any athlete knows it's that stretching is just as important to a workout routine, as the working out itself. Stretching allows your muscles...

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  • The Gymnast Diet
    A proper and healthy diet is important for any gymnast to succeed. The athlete needs energy and proteins to deliver long-lasting energy that doesn't weigh you down. The key is to eat small amounts, but often, so that you never fill up. Small, protein-rich meals are key. Egg whites for breakfast, perhaps with a slice of whole wheat toast and some fresh fruit.
    The Gymnast Diet

    Hello everyone, so you may have noticed that I am new to the Vitalyte blogosphere. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am in my late twenties, an...

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  • Runners Are Insane, Can I Be One?

    First off I should explain that this is my first blog ever, so bear with me. Next, I guess I should point out that this blog is about me running,...

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  • The Journey from COO to runner

    Chances are that if you have ever called Vitalyte’s corporate office you have spoken to Evan Lucas. Even if you haven’t called our office but ordered Vitalyte from the website,...

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  • How to get rid of hangovers

    I got introduced to Vitalyte a few years ago when I first started designing a website for them. I was lucky enough to bring home a box of free products...

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