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Vitalyte: The Choice of Cyclist Worldwide

Vitalyte: The Choice of Cyclist Worldwide
Vitalyte: The Choice of Cyclist Worldwide

You love to cycle and find yourself spending more hours on two wheels than on four. At Vitalyte we are big fans of cycling too! Whether you prefer to go off-road for adventure, ride a century with friends, or slow it down for a leisurely ride along the Irish coast, cycling has something to offer almost everyone. When we created our electrolyte replacement drink over forty years ago, we had biking and cycling in mind.

The hours spent in the saddle mean you need to replace electrolytes that are lost through sweat and replenish your fuel stores with glucose. Vitalyte is made with essential electrolytes to help keep your focus on the road ahead. Free from anything artificial and made with non-GMO ingredients, Vitalyte has just enough of the right carbohydrates to help you maintain your energy level.

While many cyclists choose our product because of how great it makes them feel, they also use Vitalyte because of how it doesn’t make them feel.  A bloated stomach, an upset stomach, and feeling full are often reported by athletes when they consume commercial sports beverages that are not isotonic.

The osmolality of the drink doesn’t match the osmolality of their blood so it can stay in the stomach for up to two hours before it is absorbed. Vitalyte, on the other hand, is absorbed within minutes, leaving your digestive system unstressed. Which means you have more time to enjoy your ride and less time worrying about cramping or feeling uncomfortable.


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