The Gymnast Diet

The Gymnast Diet
The Gymnast Diet

Hello everyone, so you may have noticed that I am new to the Vitalyte blogosphere. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am in my late twenties, an avid outdoor lover, and a huge Vitalyte fanatic. Back in the day, I was a pretty extreme gymnast. No, we're not talking about the Olympic level or anything, but I did practice for almost 10 years and competed regularly for a pretty decent chunk of that time.

When I was six, my mom noticed me attempting to do back handsprings out in our front yard and, knowing my tendency to never quit, realized she had to do something about it. So, she enrolled me in gymnastics. And there I spent most of my late childhood. It got to the point where I was at practice four days a week for four hours, in addition to competitions nearly every other weekend. The constant working out, meant I had to stay well hydrated and well fed. If only I had known about Vitalyte back then, it probably would have helped.

Needless to say, my diet was great. Something that I have let slip as I grew older and quit the sport. But I think we can all learn something from the diets of gymnasts. As well as any other athlete out there.

Let's think about the basics. What's the most important thing an athlete needs? Energy. Yes, without it, not much would get accomplished. And where do we get energy? From the food we eat. What foods in particular? The answer is simple — proteins. Proteins provide long-lasting energy that doesn't weigh you down and doesn't wear off quickly.

And the key is to eat small amounts, but often, so that you never fill up. I know I never could have pulled off a double-twist layout on an overly full stomach. Small, protein-rich meals are key. Egg whites for breakfast, perhaps with a slice of whole wheat toast and some fresh fruit. A small piece of chicken for lunch. Salmon for dinner. All of these are great keys for keeping your energy high and your body fit. And don't forget to pack some healthy snacks. I used to munch on almonds all the time to keep me going. Almonds are high in protein and heart-friendly.

Basically, it's what we've been told for years. Eat lean, healthy meats and fish high in fatty Omega-3 acids, leafy green vegetables, whole wheats, some fresh fruit, and eggs. It still amazes me though that people keep trying all these crazy diet fads and supplements, when all they have to do is eat naturally. Eat what mother nature has provided for us and do it in moderation. Stay away from the overly-manufactured stuff. Shop the perimeters at grocery stores. It's how I ate as a very athletic kid and it paid off. I want that energy back. It's time to start eating that way again.


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