The Journey from COO to runner

The Journey from COO to runner
The Journey from COO to runner

Chances are that if you have ever called Vitalyte’s corporate office you have spoken to Evan Lucas. Even if you haven’t called our office but ordered Vitalyte from the website, you are familiar with his work. You see, Evan Lucas has been moving silently behind the scenes at Vitalyte’s corporate office in San Diego for over a decade ensuring that the very best electrolyte drink available makes it into the hands of our customers.

He embodies, in my opinion, the very definition of work ethic and commitment and it shows in every aspect of our operational business. He is our COO and I would personally like to thank him for all of his tireless dedication and hard work. How am I going to thank him you ask? By giving him more work.

As most of you know, Vitalyte began over 40 years ago when our original founder, Bill Gookin got sick on a popular commercial sports drink at the Olympic Marathon trials. Being a biochemist, he decided to create a drink that real athletes could use while competing. What started out as a way to gain a competitive edge evolved into the best sports drink on the market.

Being as how our company history began with running, Evan Lucas has decided to take up running as a hobby and a way to stay in shape. Not only is he getting up at the crack of dawn to train for a 5k, 10k and half marathon, now we are making him blog about it.

Vitalyte represents the very best in sports nutrition and that is a job we take very seriously. Of course we still like to have a little fun so I encourage you all to follow Evan on his journey as he trains for a 5k, 10k, and half marathon. Get involved. Offer tips. Or maybe begin your own training program and run right along with him.

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  • Edward Malsack : August 18, 2023
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    I was a marathon runner. My PR was 3:15:05 . I knew that to replace what I lost as I was running I had to have the right balance of electrolytes in my water. Gookinade ERG was the only product that was adequate. I used to pick up some Gookinade from Bill gookin out of his garage. I don’t have the speed to make the marathon interesting to me now at 73 years but I can still run very long distances. At 69 years I completed 90 miles in a 24 hour run. I am glad to find that the product is still around even if it doesn’t have the name Gookin on the label anymore. Bill was such a good guy. He provided ERG drink free to most of the runs in San Diego. He was a hero of mine because he was so important to my sport.

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