Stay Cool When Temps Heat Up

Stay Cool When Temps Heat Up
Stay Cool When Temps Heat Up

There’s a new Vita Girl in town! For my first guest post for Vitalyte, I thought I’d make a confession: even though I know how good I’ll feel after my run, it is still a daily struggle to lace up.

Lately, the excuse that has been popping into my brain before I get ready for my usual four-mile run is the heat. It might be easier to run outdoors when the weather is nice, but I have a hard time staying hydrated when it’s hot out. Sweaty and thirsty is definitely not the look I am going for this summer, so here are my best stay-cool tips for running in the warmer months:

  • Start early. I find that it’s easiest to hit the pavement first thing in the morning, before it gets too warm and, more importantly, before I find something else to distract myself with! Sure, checking my email in my PJs sounds nice, but checking my email freshly showered after my run is even better.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Mother Nature provides the best form of hydration in mineral water and there is no need to mess with perfection. Sometimes plain water isn’t as appealing post-run as sugary sports drinks are, so choose ones without artificial colors and sweeteners.
  • I slather on sunscreen year-round, but during the warmer months I wear a hat on my runs for added sun protection. Bonus: a hat keeps my hair off my neck so if I don’t have time to wash it after my run it is in better shape.
  • I constantly update my running playlist so I never know what song is coming next. It’s much easier to finish that last half-mile when listening to one of my favorite songs! If I am adding mileage to my run, I will even tack on a few extra songs to trick myself into forgetting that my run is longer.

So, in the winter I grumble about running when it’s brisk out (my ears get cold!) and in the summer I lament about dehydration because of the warmer weather. That still doesn’t stop me from running, whether it is to relieve stress, enjoy the outdoors or make up for indulging in that extra slice of pizza (okay, maybe two extra slices) last night.

Whether it's winter or summer, it’s important to stay hydrated during and after your workout by replacing electrolytes. The better hydrated you are, the easier the workout becomes, allowing for maximum performance.

When the temps heat up, hydration before your run or workout is even more important. The heat zaps energy faster than you think, so replenishing electrolytes is critical to avoid dehydration, cramping and fatigue. So, drink up!


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