Stop Sweat In Its Tracks

Stop Sweat In Its Tracks
Stop Sweat In Its Tracks

Full disclosure: I, Vita Girl, sweat when I run. A lot. I watch with envy as I pass girls without an ounce of sweat soiling their Lululemon outfits and don’t know how they do it! Gulping down an electrolyte replacement drink post-run hydrates me, but I set out to investigate what else I can do about the s-word (sweat).

Even if you aren’t physically sweating, you are still losing water and vital nutrients, which is why drinking Vitalyte is important. According to a study conducted by Women’s Health, we perspire enough each day to fill a shot glass! And that amount is before running or working out. As for the amount you sweat, blame it on your DNA, which regulates the actual amount we sweat.

And replace that shot glass of sweat with a mix of electrolytes and water, as it’s important to stay hydrated during your workout by replacing electrolytes. The better hydrated you are, the easier the workout becomes, allowing for maximum performance.

Still, staying dry is important and you don't want to be pouring sweat unless your pushing yourself. 

The easiest way to stay dry when exercising, giving a presentation at work or even on a first date is to swipe on antiperspirant. Look for a formula that contains aluminum, which is absorbed into your skin and puts a cork in your sweat-producing eccrine glands. Applying antiperspirant at night will help keep you even drier the next day.

Clinical-strength over-the-counter antiperspirant is another option. It packs more of a punch than regular old antiperspirant thanks to as much as 20% aluminum zirconium (the max amount permitted by the FDA). If that doesn’t work, Botox might be the answer. Relax, I’m not asking you to go the Real Housewives route, but the wrinkle reducer can be injected into the forehead, palms, feet or armpits to stop sweat for up to eight months. Be forewarned: the FDA-approved procedure isn’t cheap.


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