The Story of Vitalyte

The Story of Vitalyte
The Story of Vitalyte

The significance of staying hydrated without high-sugar and high-sodium content like other sports drinks is something that Vitalyte has had in place for over 40 years. This standard was first implemented by Vitalyte’s founder, Bill Gookin, a bio-chemist by trade.

Simply, he just wanted to figure out a healthier option for athletes and other active individuals to refuel and replenish their electrolytes.


From an idea to product

As with any science project, it took time, research, and dedication. Spoiler warning: it paid off, and what Bill eventually came away with was the world’s first authentic isotonic sports beverage – meaning it has the same osmolarity as body fluids and is therefore the most effective way to rehydrate both during and following exercise. Now having a solid product is great, but Bill had a new challenge. He had to get the word out about his creation.


Spreading the word

Bill and his new found concoction is unlike the other sports drinks on store shelves, not just in terms of its formula, but in brand name recognition. So he took it upon himself, with the help of his loved ones, to tell the world about his product and the importance of healthy hydration. 

Originally called “Gookinaid,” Bill and his team did everything from mixing the solutions to packing the end products. As with many companies, this little dream started as a family operation, and in a garage. This one happened to be in Mira Mesa, CA. The team taped up the boxes and stamped envelopes themselves.


40 Years Later

Eventually, the good word about Gookinaid made its way into the world, and the usefulness of the product was undeniable. The company now operates out of a warehouse facility in Escondido, CA and the company and drink itself was transitioned to what it’s known today: Vitalyte

The effort and dedication to continue to share the importance of healthy hydration in relation to peak athletic performance and faster hydration is as strong as ever. If you’re already familiar with our mission and our history, we’re glad that we’ve found each other. If this little retelling is your first introduction to who we are and how we came to be, we hope you stick around and try our electrolyte drinks!


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