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Who is Vitalyte for?

July 22 2022 – Ivy Zhou

Who is Vitalyte for?
Who is Vitalyte for?

Sports drinks are primarily designed for athletes who are consistently exercising for long periods of time. When used appropriately, sports drinks can offer a quick and convenient way to hydrate and fuel for exercise. However, these drinks are popular amongst those who don’t exercise as much as an athlete and the larger brands pack their electrolyte drinks with a lot of sweeteners and sodium. This can lead to an intake of too much sugar (AKA risk of diabetes, obesity, etc.) for the average person! This is the reason why Vitalyte was created.

Vitalyte was initially made because the founder wanted to provide a healthy alternative to the high sugar and sodium sports drinks already in the market. He worked hard from his garage and finally emerged with what would be the world's first authentic isotonic sports beverage. Our dedicated founder created a formula that was glucose-based and low in sugar and sodium. This new drink was different from any sports drink on the market, and not just targeted for athletes.

We are passionate about helping others and bringing a refreshing, valuable experience to customers with our products. While Vitalyte is a scientifically formulated sports drink, our product is for anyone looking to hydrate faster. Our products release nutrients to your body faster than any drink on the market, even water! Our customers vary from professional athletes to first responders, hikers, children, and everyone in between. With Vitalyte’s isotonic formula for rapid absorption, no artificial anything, and ability to improve energy, what’s not to love? 

Everyone deserves to stay hydrated. Start today with Vitalyte.


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