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  • Have Your Breakfast and Eat It Too

    Tue, Jan 26, 21

    My mom hated breakfast. As a kid, I was conditioned to believe that breakfast foods were unhealthy and consisted of unnecessary calories. Breakfast was just an extra calorie dense meal...

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  • The Gymnast Diet
    A proper and healthy diet is important for any gymnast to succeed. The athlete needs energy and proteins to deliver long-lasting energy that doesn't weigh you down. The key is to eat small amounts, but often, so that you never fill up. Small, protein-rich meals are key. Egg whites for breakfast, perhaps with a slice of whole wheat toast and some fresh fruit.
    The Gymnast Diet

    Tue, Jan 26, 21

    Hello everyone, so you may have noticed that I am new to the Vitalyte blogosphere. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am in my late twenties, an...

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