Get to know the Metabolic Effect

Get to know the Metabolic Effect
Get to know the Metabolic Effect

I was first introduced to Metabolic Effect nearly a year ago and loved it. After a near 6-month hiatus due to life and location, I took it up again on Tuesday evening. I'm finally less sore but happy to report that I missed it terribly and as such, want to share the wonder with you all.

Workout stereotypes run a muck in the fitness world. From girls not lifting weights for fear of getting bulky and preconceived time expenditure expectations, to yoga being a waste of time and the shake weight as the answer to your mid sections troubles, there's a lot of information out there. How do you know what the best approach is to get out of your workout rut? Good question. I found my answer in the new mindset that lies at the core of Metabolic Effect.

According to the Metabolic Effect, the science behind the Metabolic Effect (ME) incorporates the latest understanding in endocrinology, health, fitness, strength and conditioning research. ME is a science-based program focused on changing the fat-burning hormonal response to exercise and diet. By changing hormones, rather than simply eating less or exercising more, the body naturally regulates fat burning, appetite, and mood so that motivation for exercise is enhanced while cravings for food are reduced.

In a nutshell, this 30-minute workout is designed to inspire you to work so hard that you physically need to take a break. All you need are: dumbbells, a matt, some motivation and you're set. Nicole Pizzi, ME trainer, fell in love with the workout and is now a full time trainer. Metabolic Effect challenges you to work harder than you think you can and the results are clear.

Work your face off for 30 minutes including warm up and cool down with breaks only when you absolutely need them and kick your metabolism into high gear. Trainers encourage students to drink plenty of water, consume lots of protein and vegetables and to stray away from sugar and alcohol for 48 hours. Why, you ask? Toxins like the aforementioned only slow down the effects of ME and once you work that hard, who would want to hinder the results?

With moves like squats, pushups, burpees, bicep curls, chest presses, the list goes on ... this workout is no joke. What I found is that the gym can become hum drum, if you will. Running, spinning, biking etc can all lose their spark — oft times, you stop pushing yourself and fall aimlessly into monotony - sending you deep into a workout rut. T

his kicks the rut right out from under you, making your body work harder than it ever has. It's a short time period makes it OK for you to push because the minutes go fast and it's over before you realize how much but you've kicked. That's my kind of workout. Add on an accelerated metabolism for 48 hours? Sign me up.


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