Can't Run Without...

Can't Run Without...
Can't Run Without...

There are a few things I absolutely love in life and I thought I should share them with you.  Some are definitely running related.  Some, you might argue, are not.  But to me they all play an important role in my life.  Running is an important piece that makes a beautiful life for me.  So here are a few things that help make my training life beautiful as I prepare for the Hollywood Half Marathon this April. Enjoy and let me know what makes your life beautiful.

iHeartRadio Music brings rhythm to life and tells a story and there is no better website to deliver it than iHeartRadio. Hearts are my favorite symbol of all time and this site definitely lives up to the red life-giving insignia it bears.  Not only can you create play stations that match your mood or lifestyle, you can download the app and bring mobile melodies everywhere you go.  I am especially a fan of the 80’s Station and anything Bon Jovi.  First thing I do after I open my blinds in the morning and walk upstairs, is to put on my i Heart Radio.  Makes my day more beautiful.

Jaybird Headphones-When I met Craig Hansen at the Surf City Marathon and he introduced me to these AMAZING (did I say amazing) headphones, I wanted to dub him a God to athletic music enthusiasts everywhere.  Craig showed me how the bluetooth wireless headphones stay in place during even the most intense workouts.  And guess what?  They are sweat proof.  I don’t know about you, but I was tired of making trip after trip to the Apple Store for another pair of the flimsy white headphones that short out after a few long runs.  Craig you are a saint, and the fact that these wireless headphones come with a lifetime warranty, you are now exalted to Emperor Supreme of all that is musical and electronical. So get a pair. That is all I can say.

My iPhone-Ok so you are probably sick of hearing me mention my iPhone in so many of my blogs, but honestly this pocket computer is my lifeline.  It is genius.  Even if I drop a call (I actually blame AT&T for shoddy service), I still love this phone with my entire being.  It’s more reliable than the boyfriend that forgets every anniversary and much more comprehensive than any “match” you will find on a dating site.  Yes I am in love with my iPhone.  My apps-Facebook, eBay, Talking Larry...the list goes on and on.  I will put a heart shaped emoticon on this one to bookmark it for you!

Dagoba Roseberry Dark Chocolate-Chocoholics known and unknown step aside and take notice.  This is the elixir of the Cocoa Gods in its purest form.  Not only does Dagoba utilize organic ingredients, but as their self-proclaimed title of “The Art of Chocolate Alchemy” infers, they do it with the utmost prestige and perfection.  Plus the company is on a mission to benefit people and the planet.  So to that I saw, take another square and indulge.  You deserve it.

Amusant Pink Moscato-Ok I have been known to pour a glass or three of this California pink bubbly after a workout around 1:00 in the afternoon.  A cold crystal glass-full is heaven on earth for me.  The handcrafted bubbly is by far my favorite and paired with a few squares of the Dagoba mentioned above...well that’s my idea of a perfect date!

Vitalyte- Ok you knew I wasn’t going to write a blog about things that bring beauty to my training without talking about Vitalyte. We all know that our Vitalyte electrolyte replacement is by far the best in the business. Yep, running junkies and endurance gurus, your answers to the all dreaded bonk, crash and depletion are over thanks to our amazing research and development teams at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition.  


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