5 Tips for Better Marathon Training

5 Tips for Better Marathon Training
5 Tips for Better Marathon Training

Fall means a few things including back to school, fantasy football picks and our favorite, marathon season! I know you are thinking we must be crazy if running 26.2 miles is something we love! Well, we do love it and there are several reasons why. See Vitalyte was founded initially to help marathon runners stay hydrated. Our founder, Bill Gookin, was a marathon runner who became very ill from the effects of dehydration while competing in the 1968 Olympic Trials. He didn’t want other athletes to experience what he did so he used his knowledge as a biochemist to create an electrolyte replacement drink for running. Born out of a desire to help those with running goals, the Vitalyte product has continued to hydrate athletes worldwide. And over the last forty plus years, we have learned a thing or two about training for a marathon. So here are our top five favorite fall marathon training tips:

  1. Be consistent — There is something to be said about “slow and steady wins the race.” That means being steady and consistent in your training over a longer period of time is more effective than putting in massive amounts of training in a condensed time period. You risk injury when you “mileage cram.” After all you if can’t make it to the starting line what good is it?

  2. Be patient — The marathon, after all, is a marathon, not a sprint! This mentality is a good approach to have from the moment you register for the race all the way through the finish line. Gradually increase your miles week after week. Patiently research and try the right running shoes for you. Spend time finding a good running group to train with. Calmly plan out your race morning routine and practice it time and time again. Be mindful from the moment the gun goes off that you will have more gas in your tank for the second half of the race if you pace yourself wisely from the beginning.

  3. Have fun — You may wonder how you can have fun running 26.2 miles. After all pain and discomfort is bound to part of your marathon experience. But if it was easy everyone would do it! So put in the hard work and enjoy the process. More than likely you will meet some great people during your training and race experience!

  4. Learn to delegate — If you’re a marathoner, learning to delegate can be a hidden secret to success! There’s no doubt training for the distance can be physically demanding but it can also be demanding on your time. After all your Sundays will be spent putting in long runs followed by putting your feet up to recover. So delegating things that can free up your time can relieve a lot of stress. For example, if you order your groceries online you’ve saved enough time to get in a decent length run. Ask your significant other to support you by helping you do a few errands so you can get an interval workout in. After all, even though you’re the one running the race, it takes a team effort to help get you to the finish!

  5. Hydrate — We couldn’t leave this one out! While water is important, too much water can do more harm than good (check out our website for articles on hyponatremia and other issues associated with drinking too much water). You need the right balance of electrolytes to make sure you stay healthy during your training and racing. An isotonic formula is best to keep you hydrated safely. Vitalyte is not only isotonic but contains nothing artificial and is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Good luck in your fall marathon training and racing. Enjoy the process and electroLyte it up!


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