Staying Active While Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

Staying Active While Giving Thanks this Holiday Season
Staying Active While Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the winter holiday season is in full swing. This season is most synonymous with enjoying good food and drinks with your dearest family and friends. However, the frenzied nature of the holidays can bring about all sorts of stress, and can also lead to overindulgence. And even if stress is not an issue, indulging too much can lead to unpleasant bloating and digestive discomfort. All in all, it’s important to take this time as an opportunity to recharge as well as rest–and what’s the best way to recharge? You have to remember to stay active! 

The great news about staying active and staying healthy through the holiday is you can be festive, and use it as a way to spend precious quality time with your loved ones.

Outdoor Activities

If running a marathon isn’t your thing, but still want to be active and festive, then why not a pick up football game? Thanksgiving Day isn’t just for the professional footballers. But if it’s too cold and/or too much snow on the ground, then maybe building snowmen or going sledding is in the cards.


A walk around the block is a simple but effective way to stimulate the digestive system before and after meals. So even if a marathon or throwing around the pigskin isn’t part of your Thanksgiving Day festivities, working in a little walk goes a long way to get some fresh air and get the body moving. It can serve as a great way to take a meditative break and remember the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday itself. 

Indoor Activities

The key thing to remember about staying active throughout the Thanksgiving holiday is that you burn as many calories as you’re able to consume. Running a turkey trot or playing some football are great ways to do that. But so is vacuuming and dusting around the house as you prepare your home for your guests. Also, the act of preparing that delicious turkey, yams, mashed potatoes, or whatever else might comprise your yummy Thanksgiving Day spread. 

No matter the activity you do to balance your recent Thanksgiving Day meals, you also have to be mindful of the electrolytes that you need to replenish. Similar to how turkey and stuffing make a perfect pairing, you would do well to keep yourself hydrated throughout the holiday by enjoying some Vitalyte. 


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