Skip the Hair of the Dog - Try These Hangover Tips

Skip the Hair of the Dog - Try These Hangover Tips
Skip the Hair of the Dog - Try These Hangover Tips

We’ve boasted for awhile now that our Electrolyte Replacement Solution is amazing for It basically replenishes your body of the essential electrolytes it needs for healthy functioning. But, we thought we’d give you some other hangover pointers that the famed Dr. Oz has suggested.

  • EAT PLENTY OF FOOD – Neither Dr. Oz nor we can stress this enough. Make sure to have plenty of food in your stomach before you drink. You will feel the affects of alcohol a lot sooner and a lot harsher if you drink on an empty stomach.

  • DRINK THE CLEAR STUFF – Pale spirits, like vodka, white wine and gin are a better option than their partners red wine, bourbon and whiskey. Dark booze contains more congeners, chemicals that up inflammation in the body, making your hangover worse.

  • H20, H20, H20 – Yes, hydrate! During the party you are at, and when you get home. Before hitting the sack, drink at least two glasses of water. Alcohol dehydrates you and dehydration reduces the liquid around your blood cells and leads to headaches, dizziness and nausea.

  • EGG IT UP – The next morning have eggs for breakfast. Dr. Oz claims them to be his go-to hangover cure because they contain cysteine, a substance that breaks down acetaldehyde, a hangover-causing toxin in alcohol. He also says that both broth and bananas are a good choice because they replenish sodium and potassium lost.

  • SKIP THE CUP O’ JOE – Although most of us love coffee when we are hungover, it actually does nothing to help. Rather, it delays the hangover. Try peppermint tea or a glass of 100% fruit juice. Peppermint soothes your stomach and fructose in the juice helps the body metabolize alcohol faster.

  • WORK IT OUT – While Dr. Oz says you can’t flush alcohol out of the system with exercise, he knows just like we do that exercise produces happy feeling endorphins that make you just feel better overall.

I should make a point here to say that excessive drinking is always unhealthy for your body. It is best to limit your intake to one drink at a time. However, we have all been down the over-indulgence road from time to time. Hope these tips help!


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