Make Hydration Your New Year's Resolution

Make Hydration Your New Year's Resolution
Make Hydration Your New Year's Resolution

During any physical activity, it is crucial to stay hydrated. This especially true for those who are working out in the cold weather. Your body must work harder to get moving properly, and this requires proper hydration. A common myth that many believe is that if you are not thirsty, you are properly hydrated. This is not the case. You can feel as if you’ve had enough water, but still require more. To make sure you are taking in enough water, it is a good idea to make a hydration goal for yourself! 

Drinking enough water not only improves your health, but it makes you look great as well! Proper hydration has a plethora of benefits that you can enjoy such as clear and glowing skin. You will notice that your energy levels have increased, as well as experience mental clarity. When you are drinking enough water, your body can perform better physically as it has enough water to work off of. You will also digest your meals properly as the food in your stomach needs water to assist it in breaking down. Water is a valuable resource that everyone needs to improve their mental and physical health. 

Now that you’ve heard the positives of increasing your water intake, you may be asking yourself, “How much do I need to drink?” This all depends on the person! Your water intake should be specifically tailored to you and your needs. If you are someone that works out a lot, especially during cold weather, you will require more water than someone that does not work out at all as you must replenish the excess water you lose while sweating. To calculate how much water you need, divide your body weight by 2. This is how many ounces a day you require. You should also add an additional 12 ounces for each 30 minutes that you work out per day. 

Many find keeping up with their daily hydration goal challenging. There are ways that you can keep up with your goals without going out of your way! 

  1. Water bottle- The number one hydration tip is to carry around a water bottle. This water bottle should be visually appealing to you and easy to use so you are more likely to drink out of it. 
  2. Drink before, during, and after- Ensure you are drinking water before, during, and after your workout. It is easy to get caught up with exercising and forget to hydrate. 
  3. Electrolyte replacement- When drinking water, it is sometimes possible to drink too much. This can cause a depletion in your electrolyte balance, robbing you of vital vitamins and minerals your body needs. To keep your body balanced, use electrolyte replacements such as Vitalyte to keep your vitamins and minerals balanced. 
  4. Eat water-rich foods- This is an easy way to sneak more water into your diet. These can be foods such as melons, pineapples, oranges, celery, and more. Because of their higher water content, they can contribute towards your overall water goal. 
  5. Use an app or tracker- This is a great way to know how much you are drinking in one day. If you have a measured ounce water bottle, each time you finish it, you can track it in your app. This will remind you how much you have had and will store your information so you can look back at past dates to see your previous water consumption. 

As humans, we are composed of approximately 60% water. This makes it important that we are constantly replenishing the water that we lose through sweat, breath, and urination. In this new year, one of your goals should be to drink plenty of water for you to look and feel great. To help achieve this goal, grab Vitalyte to keep your body's water and electrolytes properly balanced. 


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