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About Vitalyte


Forty years ago our founder, Bill Gookin, had a vision. He wanted to provide active people worldwide with a healthy alternative to the high-sugar high-sodium sports drinks that were on the market. Bill being the biochemist he was, put on his lab coat and started analyzing, researching, tinkering and thinking. Finally, he emerged with what would be the world's first authentic isotonic sports beverage. Our dedicated founder created a formula that was glucose-based and low in sugar and sodium. This new drink was different from any sports drink on the market, and he knew his concept might not be openly accepted because it was different.

However, Bill never really cared much what others thought. What he cared about was helping people and bringing the consumer a useful product. So he went to work spreading the word about his drink called "Gookinaid." Bill worked tirelessly mixing, packaging and selling his electrolyte formula. The entire family took part, taping up boxes, putting stamps on envelopes, whatever it took to keep the business going. Bill's garage served as the "Gookinaid Headquarters" until finally, the brand grew large enough to move on. And move on it has! Gookinade became "Vitalyte," a scientifically formulated sport's nutrition drink that adheres to Bill's high standards for peak performance.

Bill based our company on building quality products that help people achieve active lifestyle goals. We have traded in the rickety wooden garage door at the family home in Mira Mesa, CA for a robust metal door that opens to a large warehouse at our corporate location in Escondido, CA. Some say "we are all grown up!" But not really because you see at Vitalyte, we believe that you never stop learning and you are always evolving and improving. 

So whether you are a first-time consumer or a long time Vitalyte customer, welcome to our site! We'd love to hear your Vitalyte story so feel free to contact us and share your experience. Stay happy, stay healthy and most importantly, stay hydrated.