By: Bill Gookin, No. 6 in a series of occasional reports on wellness and dehydration

One of the early symptoms of dehydration is a headache, and almost all headaches are caused by dehydration. These are the “vascular headaches” that we take aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen to relieve. “What about stress? That’s what causes my headaches”, you’ll say. Stress causes the muscles in the shoulders and neck to tense up, restricting circulation to the brain — creating “regional” dehydration. On the other hand, dehydration causes muscle tightness and cramping so you have a “catch-22” situation in which dehydration and stress BOTH bring on that headache and make it worse. Have you noticed that when you are working at a desk or computer for some time, your neck and shoulders get stiff and you feel the beginnings of a headache? You get up, walk around and probably rub those tense shoulder and neck muscles. By doing so you’re improving the circulation and relieving just some of that cerebral dehydration. Instead of reaching for a headache remedy, try relieving the basic cause of the headache by drinking a couple of glasses of VITALYTE™ and you’ll feel the headache ebbing away in far less time than it would take the aspirin to take effect and, while you’re at it, improve your productivity.

“What about migraines?” Now they are a very different story ... they are not directly caused by dehydration but, on the other hand, they may not be so very different after all. Stress, tension and low potassium levels all play a role in migraines and a great many people who suffer from migraines report that they can mitigate the severity of a migraine by drinking several glasses of VITALYTE™ as they begin to feel the migraine coming on and sometimes prevent one altogether. Unfortunately, not everyone has such good fortune with VITALYTE and migraines, but it’s certainly worth a try ... you may be one of the many fortunate ones.

So, the next time you feel those neck and shoulder muscles tensing, or that dull ache somewhere in back of your eyeballs, whether it be a possible migraine or an “ordinary” headache, give VITALYTE a try; chances are that you’ll experience the quick relief that the chemical headache remedies tout ... much faster and naturally than ever!

... and HANGOVERS? While monitoring the progress of the runners in the 1979 Boston Marathon, I heard sportscasters extol the virtues of Gookinaid as “the best thing in the world for hangovers”; some of them had imbibed in excess at the reception the night before and were suffering the consequences, while others had tried some Gookinaid afterwards or the next morning. Since then I have had literally hundreds of testimonials about how well it works, including many of the staff at a major medical facility* which I visited to discuss their findings in the effectiveness of VITALYTE for an electrolyte imbalance syndrome ... they all had to tell me about examples of the really great results they had observed in this study, but first they had to tell me about the morning after a reception a few days previous: many were feeling the effects of alcohol and said to their colleagues “Why are you feeling so good; you drank more than I did?” The reply was that the latter had drank some VITALYTE that evening and first thing the next morning.

Like so many of the uses our customers have found for VITALYTE, it’s effectiveness for hangover symptoms makes sense. Alcohol not only acts as a diuretic, causing systemic dehydration, it has its intoxicating effect by dehydrating the cells of the body and especially the neurons of the central nervous system, mainly those involved in inhibition, judgment and mental acuity. The various symptoms of a hangover: the headache, bleary eyes, lack of appetite, unpleasant tongue and mouth sensations, etc., can be directly traced to these effects and the speedy absorption of VITALYTE and its rapid distribution to all of the body helps explain why sufferers can recover so well. Some plan ahead and get well hydrated with VITALYTE before drinking, others drink several glasses of it when the get home from drinking or the next morning when the symptoms really drive home. And some even use VITALYTE as a “mixer” for a faster “high” with less alcohol and less hangover symptoms. But, don’t take my word for it: if you’re going to be drinking, give VITALYTE a try ... either before or after and you’ll really appreciate the research others have done for you to make “life worth living after all!”

* For 40 years athletes have known us as Gookinaid, but we are not just a drink for athletes. Now the world knows us as Vitalyte™, a drink for everyone. Same fast, effective new name!

** This article is the opinion, advice and testimonial of the author and your results may vary. If you have a medical condition involving dehydration or electrolyte imbalance, you should consult a physician before following this advice.

*** Documentation on file.